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Monday, March 14, 2011

I found a link about an online drawing programme on Saffa expat's indieberries blog that looked really interesting and tried it out. For the life of me, everyone knows that I cannot draw, not even to save my own life or that of a baby seal about to be clubbed (gruesome much?). But I thought of the most simple thing I could draw, and one of my greatest loves in the world...ice cream, om nom nom! This is how it turned out:

Not bad hey? Forgive the spoon, I was drawing it and then realised that you don't eat an ice cream cone with a spoon, but it looked too good and I was too proud to take it away after the hard work I put into it. Ha! Way to kill an hour.

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Idele said...

Ag te oulik! daar is tog 'n kunstenaar daar binne!

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