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Monday, March 7, 2011

On Friday, some old friends of mine came through from Potchefstroom (I told you this dorp is spawning bands like a rat), in the form of ekhouvanjouokay, an electronic rap band, with one of my great friends Louis as one of the singers. Their sound might not be in everyone's taste, but they are quite entertaining live!

At first my friends discovered some ornaments in the flat and this happened:

and then while waiting for the band to play, we saw how awesome the tables are painted at Tings 'n Times. On the outskirts of Hatfield, this club idolises Bob Marley and salutes the reggae era with its bohemian interior and good vibes. (Good vibes bought on by the permitted use of some green leaves that is not a main ingredient in Ceylon tea. )
Tits and times
And then the band came on. I am still deaf in my right ear. Don't stand to close to the speakers children, it might cause prolonged damage.

Louis doing his thing

All in all, we decided to go to the square to have a dance and a few other drinks, but after tripping over one to many schoolbag, we decided to trudge home. What an evening this was.

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Vinger lek lekker lady!!!

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