Homemakers Expo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

While all the cool kids were hanging out at the Design Indaba, someone had to stay on the homefront and represent Jhb's equivelant. This weekend, my mom, sister-in-law and myself went to the Nipple in the Sky, or more formally known as The Dome to check out the yearly Homemakers Expo.

Although it wasn't what I expected (I was hoping more Design Indaba-esque but I guess that event took all the good ones), I still enjoyed walking around and even got to buy two cute and lovely fridge magnets for thirty five bucks each. Sour grapes am I, but next year if you are unprepared like me in regards to the Indaba, then make a trip to the northern suburbs of Jozi and get some ideas for your home.


Coffee rings and other things said...

lovely magnets0 I have a little painting by Ann Gaad, that is 2 sheep aving wine and saying "One for ewe"...
Lovely to meet you- and yesm her boobs are pretty "toight"

I am Megan said...

Ah, is that the artist's name? I didn't get it when I bought the magnets, but she had so many paintings and cards! I loved them all.

Nice to meet you too :) and Thank You for the comment :) 'toight like a toiger'

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