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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last, but not slightly in the least is one of my favourite bloggers. And we even share a name. I love reading her blog, as her posts are funny as heck and always cheers my day up. Seeing as I like traveling and I plan on going overseas again soon, she will lend us some genius on this topic. Enjoy!

Hello lovelies! 
I am Megan from Across The Pond
a born and bred southern California girl living in England for a year.
Now that I have been here for almost seven months..
I am clearly an expert on travel/studying abroad. 
Thus, I have compiled a list of noteworthy do’s and don’ts for the Europe bound visitor.


1. learn geography so that you can avoid questions like “why cant we drive from Ireland to England?”

Answer: because there is a body of water in the way....

2. Buy winter clothes in the actual country if from a warm climate originally

hint: “winter” coats in southern California are not actually winter coats.

3. Figure out what each change ($$) piece is so that you don't have to look at every single coin up close every time you make a purchase.
4. Do hold on to anything on the bus to keep from falling, except a human being.

5. Do go outside if the sun comes out, because it might not be back for months
6. take advantage of the cheap airfare and travel, travel, travel.

7. learn the language. and yes. British is a different language. cheers.


1. cry when you realize you have to walk 15 minutes from your house to the university...especially when people walk 45 minutes and that is considered normal.

2. step off the curb without looking BOTH directions, especially when cars come at you from the wrong side of the rode.

hint: pedestrians do not have the right of way in Europe, in fact, it is an ongoing game if the driver can hit you or not. I'm convinced of this.

3.  smile at every single person you walk fact, don't smile at all, especially if visiting eastern Europe.

4. lock yourself in your home during winter because you hate the cold, otherwise you increase your seasonal depression exponentially and may or may not go crazy.

Nottingham (My University campus)





Nottingham, Wollaton Park

Barcelona, Spain




Jenni Austria Germany said...

first of all, i love megan.

secondly, i can personally attest to every single thing she said. especially the no smiling, the seasonal depression, the pedestrians w/o right of way and the fact that British is a different language. well done, megan. well done.

I am Megan said...

Who doesn't love her? She's adorable!

jenny said...

ah... that Megan! She's a dandy of a find !!! And i'm really liking that her post brought me here... because i think you are a dandy of a find too!

Alisha said...

Oh Megan and her wit. Love her dos and don'ts! Great tips indeed.

Nice to meet you Megan!


christine donee said...

I had a tough time just picking out a coat for NY here in LA. I bet finding a "winter" wardrobe for Europe would make me cry a million tears. And then some more.

I am Megan said...

Hello guys, nice to meet you too!

I don't think that South Africa's 'winter' clothes would be a patch on the things they wear in the colder regions.

Brooke said...

Great post Megan!! I love learning about the differences :)

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