Phuket two

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is some of my experiences I chronicled while in Phuket. A trip down memory lane. I wrote several notes of this wonderful time. You can check out the first post here

Sick! On my second day in Phuket I woke up with a cold! And before anyone thinks it's because of my entire lack of immune system, I have to explain that an ice cold air conditioned hotel room is not best friends with the humidity on the outside.   

With a thick head and enough snot to fill a small Indian elephant, we set off to our closest pharmacy. But this unfortunately only opened at nine o'clock. And the beau is still half asleep! 

I could have filled this with mucus

Rain! Just as we started to drive, on our mopeds, through the streets of Karon! One thing about the rain, besides it being a blessing, it does not stop anyone! Every one is still walking around, swimming, riding on their mopeds. We went during the rainy season, also known as monsoon. And driving this fast in pouring rain hurts, like little knives piercing your skin. 

Finally we arrived at the pharmacy, but bright as I can be, I stop in the entrance of a foreign exchange bank. It had a small entrance, and it was still closed, so I did not know that this was actually a shop until the beau and the shop owner informed me.

To make matters worse, I parked the scooter between two steel barriers on either side of the entrance. As I tried to maneuver my way between the barriers, I got off the scooter, still running, I opened up the throttle. 

Scooters can move quite fast if your not on it, and it can fall over just as fast! OUCH! Being stupid has it price, as the scooter's hot exhaust pipe fell right on my leg.  Lesson learned, if you're on a scooter, the brake and the horn is your best friend!

IF you're sensitive, I suggest you look away for this pic.
Look at my funny plaster tan!

On our way back to the hotel, I realised one thing about Phuket, every street has at least five pharmacies, two optometrists, loads of bars, a tailor which promises to suit you up in a "Hollywood Armani" and blind scooter and car drivers.

Meanwhile, in the evening, as I sat typing my note for my friends and my parents, two Afrikaans guys walk past me and spoke quite loudly. "Isn't this the same girl that sat here at the computer last night?" I nearly replied with a yes in Afrikaans. Think twice before you speak Afrikaans in Phuket guy. This is just a warmer, more humid South Africa with a lot of Thai people in it. 

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