Weekend wind-down

Monday, April 18, 2011

I think I have upper respiratory tract infection. Well, that's what WebMD says. Oh, I love google!

But, I'm not surprised if this is the case, I think a bunch of people will agree with me that this weekend's weather was absolutely gross. Meh!

So my to-do list for today includes: buying Vicks cough medicine (so that I could stop sounding like a depressed blood hound); and presents for a pressie swap I am involved in. It was my full intention to buy it this weekend, but we traveled again! This time not too far, just to Warmbaths, a mere two hours from Joburg.

In a few words, it was muddy. It involved two massive pups, a rottweiller cross and a ridgeback, who though that my lap was the perfect place to sit. And one stage, the perfect place to pee from excitement. Remember to check tomorrow's Travel Tuesday, lots more of Mpumalanga to come up.

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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Elle said...

Oh isn't Audrey just fabulous? She's my all time fav screen and style star ... *sigh*

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