This weekend.

Monday, April 4, 2011

On Saturday we saw Neil Diamond live. I was very skeptical about this concert, which was held at the FNB Soccercity, as I did not know what to expect from the concert.

My music taste mainly falls in the genres of folk/indie/electro and I have to be honest that I didn't know any of his songs. Okay, I lie, I knew Sweet Karoline and You don't bring me flowers (the live version had me in tears!) and then I found out that I knew some of his other songs too, but didn't know that it was him who had sung it. But what a brilliant concert.

For an old man, 70 years old, he sure had a lot of moxie going on! He has a great onstage personality, he danced around, got involved with the crowd and sung 'I'm a believer' by The Monkees four times because it was such a big hit and had people dancing and laughing all the way through! At first he started the song very slow, similarly to his other songs, but then his brilliant band picked up the pace and it was to say it in a nice Afrikaans word, a jol!

And he put the life back into the legs of a couple hundred of old drunken ladies. What a sight! Oh and we even did the Mexican wave when Mr Diamond was about ten minutes late. This was quite spectacular and when the spectators on the grass field started doing the wave with the rest of the crowd, everyone went wild! So much fun.

Meanwhile, my cousin Sally, who resides in England flew in for a holiday for about three weeks. She brought her little baby boy Ben with. I didn't take any photos, as our family gatherings are usually quite a snafu which kept me real busy.

Ben is the most gorgeous little boy and such a friendly baby, he was all smiles and he even talked to us a little. He is such a smart baby and understood what everyone said to him. I am going to miss that tiny little face so much! I also made him a felt giraffe keyring which will remind him of Africa when he is back in gloomy England.

Hope you have lovely week ahead!

See, Mondays aren't that bad!


Idele said...

I heard it was MULF haven at Uncle Diamond's concert, apparently he definitely still has it and had the old galls all exited!!!Big forehead though...

I am Megan said...

Sure was, there were a lot of ou tannies dressed up as teenage girls! Well, some of them tried to be!

Ha! The one lady was wearing some lumo green outfit she made herself, with sequence all over! Her jeanpant had these lumo green wing inserts on the sides. We just shook our heads.

Anonymous said...

I borrowed my dad's Neil Diamond cd once and it got stolen out of my car.. I liked that cd

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