A day in Soweto

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

While all of Johannesburg, or about 70 000, of its population was cued up to watch the likes of Die Antwoord and Red Hot Chilli Peppers on Saturday night, I was being so hipster {not} and went to watch the rugby with my beau and some friends.

What pisses me off though, is hearing at the office water bottle, that people got so effed up drunk at the RHCP show that they had passed out in the parking lot. You assholes! The tickets sold out within two hours, and what do these people do? Miss the whole damn thing. And they paid for it.

You, drunken assholic people, know nothing about music!

On another, nicer, lighter note - the rugby was quite cool. The weather was nice and warm, we had food and drinks and the boys got to see all the cheerleaders in action. What more could you ask for? I'm not really a rugby fan, but will watch it when every so often. I'm more of a cricket devotee, the players are way more down to earth {and hotter, in my humble conviction}. Go Morne Morkel.

Where does Soweto come into the story then? Well, the game, between the Lions (Johannesburg's team) and the Bulls (Pretoria's team), was played in Orlando Stadium - the home of one of South Africa's favourite soccer teams - the Orlando Pirates.

This stadium is also a stones throw away from the FNB Soccer City (or whatever its name has been changed to, our country likes name changes, a lot), where the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were performing that evening.

By the way, the Bulls won. By three points. Go Sharks.

 This picture was not taken upside down, it's underneath a bridge, painted like this.

Check this guy.

So, there aren't really a lot of pictures of Soweto itself. 
Maybe I'll go back someday and take more pictures of the township.

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Hayley said...

Must say, I was happy to not go to the RHCP concert...getting old I know :-)

Loved these pics!

helen said...

wow, i have never seen a rugby game, but i'm glad you ended up having a grand time :)

Fiona said...

We were up the road from you! We spent the afternoon in Vilakazi Street before the concert and drove right past the stadium when the game was on.

Awesome pics! And I would definitely recommend you go back and take more photo's :)

Melinda said...

Looks like a fun day! Thanks for visiting my blog- following you now :D


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