My dog has a favourite song

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

 Mila, my Staffordshire dog-wonder, is probably the dog with the funniest and most eccentric personality I have ever owned. No wonder I have fallen so in love with this pup of mine. I mean, she’s my child.

Did you know that Mila has a favourite song? Oh yes, she does – Walk of Life by the Dire Straits. When she was still a tiny little puppy a car drove past our house playing this song.

We live on a corner with a stop sign, which meant that the car stood still for a few seconds. Now, Mila was quite a sullen puppy some days, and this particular day she had a particularly sulky moment, as I just put her down on wet grass to do her business.

She was sulking it up big time, ignoring me when I called her and not looking too excited at all. And then this song played. She started wagging her tail and got so excited that her whole body started wiggling. She looked like she was dancing.

Speaking of wet grass, this crazy dog of mine hates getting her paws wet. When she walks on wet grass, or wet paving, it looks like a cat with tape on its paws. But, in the same breath, as soon as I get out of the shower, she’s in it to lick up all the water.

Then wet paws don’t bother her.

This brings me to her drinking habits. We bought our dogs a big red water bowl that we top up with fresh water every day, yet she refuses to drink from this bowl. She’ll drink running water, water from a smaller bowl – that I have to top up when I leave home, and again when I get back home- she’ll lick the water from your body when you get out of a bath or shower, and even drink water from the POOL, but upright refuses to drink water from that big bowl.

She is such a real Miss Priss. 

On Sunday, I noticed a small bump on her paw and took her to the vet yesterday. My worst fears were made a reality when the vet told me that it was a cancerous growth, albeit benign. However, I have to monitor and administer antibiotics for ten days {which are turning my dog into a big lethargic lump}. If the bump has not disappeared or shrunk in the next ten days, it means that it is malignant and that she has to have an operation.

Please keep my pup in your thoughts, she is seriously my baby. Pray that this is absolutely benign and that it goes away.


Robin said...

I hope the bump goes away! Poor girl. :(

Sixth Tractate said...

Your dog is way too cute.. Is she a pitbull? I'm so sorry about the bump... Update us on how she's doing! I'm a total dog lover myself and get so sad when I hear about things like this! Anyway... Lovely blog you have here. I'm your newest follower. Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

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