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Friday, February 22, 2013

{I though long and hard whether I should write this post, because I am far from perfect and shouldn't judge other people, but yesterday was the final straw that broke the donkey's back. Please don't see me as conceited for writing this.}

I have written a post before on the things I hate about the gym, which included two gym crimes, namely being a fat stupid person {read the previous post, before you get angry} and being a hogger. Well, let me tell you about this one girl in my gym which does both!

Yes, I know, at least she is trying, you would say, but let me explain.

My friends joined the gym almost a year before I did and verified that this particular girl has been gymming since they joined, over two years ago. Why is this significant? Because this girl is really overweight.

I've always noticed her int he gym, because she has a really pretty face, but my beef with her didn't start until a few weeks ago. {By the way, I just saw her walking around in the mall downstairs, when I went to get lunch. She had food in her hand that someone serious about gymming should not be perusing - she says while eating another cheese puff. See, I told you I shouldn't judge.}

But let me just paint a few scenarios for you as to why I have beef with her.

Scenario 1:
Gym rules are that you are only allowed 20 minutes on cardio equipment in peak times. At my gym, this is usually between 5 pm and 7 pm, right after work, when everyone is already cranky and wants to get the workout out of the way so that they can go home.

One particular day, I was standing in a queue, along with others, waiting for the walker machine {the one where you walk at different inclines and different speeds}. Miss Girl was standing on the machine when a trainer-guy, with more brawn than brains, comes to chat to her. She proceeds to stop the machine, stand on it and chat for at least ten minutes with the guy, not worried about anyone else. She then proceeded to gym in intervals of five minutes, stopping for two minutes to chat to someone, or adjust her hair, or clothing. FRUSTRATING!

{Sidenote: these machines are very popular and even though there are six of them, they are always occupied. They are also very popular with me, and apparently this girl too.}

Scenario 2:
Again at the walker machine, same shit, different day. While on one of these machines, I notice that she is on the walker again. On this particular day a lady-trainer wants to use the equipment for one of her clients. Miss Girl stopped the walker every two minutes and then started walking again, changing the time on the machine. Eventually the trainer is looking at the time on people's machine's to tell them to get off, as their 20-min time has lapsed.

By this time I was on the machine for about 17 minutes, and Miss Girl got on about five minutes prior. Of course her time is up. The lady walking next to me, on 18 minutes, points to the trainer that Miss Girl has been on the walker too long. When the trainer approached her, she threw a mini-fit and said but look at my time, I haven't been on here that long. Lying! She then got off, walked off in a huff, and after two minutes came back, to stand in the queue, staring at the trainer and mumbling awful things under her breath. That was not nice!

She also stops the walker mid-exercise to pull out her mirror, redo her hair, put lipgloss on etc. Seriously, you are in the gym!

Scenario 3:
She sits on the equipment, ie the leg extenders, the lat pulls, the back-exercise machines, the pull ups machine - she then proceeds to pull out her cellphone and chats {as in the typing chat}, not once even touching the equipment. These are all very popular items. It drives me nuts.

Scenario 4:
Yesterday, as I walked into the gym, towards the changing room, I saw her walking out of the changing room, freshly dressed in workout clothes and proceeding to sit on a bench. It took me about ten minutes to get dressed and I waited another five for a class to begin. She was sitting on that bench, staring at people, flirting with guys etc. I was done with the class after 45 minutes and scanned the gym for a friend of mine {perhaps also unintentionally scanning for Miss Girl} and Miss Girl was gone.

I think the thing that irritates me the most about her is that she is wasting other people's time, her own money and the fact that she is lying to herself {and probably to other people, because I was at the gym, even though I did fuckall.} She is never going to see any results if she just sits on her ass the whole time, or stop the machine every two minutes.

Is there someone in your gym that you absolutely cannot stand? Please tell me, so I don't feel so horrible for getting this off my back.


Mariella said...

THAT is a very prominent reason as to why I do not go to the gym any more. I have had so many similar experiences that just drove me mad! You are not alone in your feelings or frustrations, believe me. :)

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Hahahahaha I think every gym has a few of these trolls! I can't help but notice them, and yes - it annoys me just as much!!!!

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