I asked, and they said yes {DIY bridesmaids Valentine's day surprise}

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day lovely people in blogland! Valentine's Day sure is one of my favourite days of the year, and even though there are a lot of cynics out there, I will not let it dampen my romantic spirit. This morning I stood up really early to make Flip breakfast in bed - will show you that tomorrow.

But today, I want to share something else with you. I officially asked two very special ladies, my best friends Tracy and Idele to be bridesmaids this morning by presenting them with these carepacks. They were really surprised, even though I mentioned to them before that they were in the running.

It was a total do-it-yourself project and fit in both with the look and feel I'm going for for my wedding, and of course with Valentine's day! Here's how I did it.

Now these things weren't just some random items I grabbed to put in there, each one were symbolic of something - but I will get to that later. I got the baskets and hearts from Biggie Best for about R65 and R12 each, respectively.

I then proceeded to glue the hearts to the basket to add that special touch, because it would have looked so bland without it. The next step was to put the tissue paper inside the basket, followed by all the other items and bunching up the tissue paper, to make it look like a parcel. I tied it up with some scrap blue ribbon.

Along with their basket, I wrote each of them a letter, explaining what each item meant.

"In this basket, I present to you the symbols of things a bride needs to have good luck on her wedding day.

~something old~
The basket represents the past, our friendship over the years, as well as the years to come. We'll become old friends.

~something new~
The champagne symbolises optimism and hope,  joy and overflowing love. With this, we can cheers a new life and adventure.

~something borrowed~
This is represented by the items I took from their desks. From Tracy's I stole a cat, and from Idele a teddybear {which caused a lot of commotion in the office. haha}. It serves as a reminder that I can borrow knowledge and advice from you.

~something blue~
The blue candle means that you light up my life and add joy in dark times.

Now, I just need a fifth lucky charm and that's you.

Will you be my bridesmaid?"

This was their reactions

 She's asking here if anyone knew about this, and her lost teddybear! haha

Me, peeking around the corner.


Idele said...

What an awesome surprise!so blessed!

Claudz said...

I love this!!
I sent my bridesmaids similar boxes and I think it really set the tone.
My sister-in-law to be did this for us too at the end of last year. It really makes you feel special!
Very cool!!

Johlet said...

Dis sooo flippen oulik!!!

CharlieW said...

Aaahhh!! Baie cool!

Fiona said...

What a fabulous way to ask! They must have been over the moon :)

Mrs FF said...

Amazeballs!!!! This has got to be one of the best "proposals" I've hear about

Hayley said...

So awesome !

Betsy Transatlantically said...

that is so sweet! you girls are lucky to heave each other :)

According to Jax said...

This is sooooo sweet!!
Found you through the linkup and glad I did!! When is the wedding?

Mine is in August! :)


Love Meghan said...

gah! i wish i would've thought of this. it's such an amazing and sweet idea! i bet the girls felt so honored and appreciated! xx

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