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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ladies, and gentlefolk, I present to you our Save the Dates - taadaa!

I made them in December, from a template I found on Wedding Chicks {get it here}. I customised it a bit, to my home language and to include a few extra titbits. Being fairly parsimonious, I decided to rather do my own - well, half own - design, rather than pay someone a lot of money to do it for me. Besides, I only emailed it, as I didn't want to spend money on postage either - untrustworthy South African postal service and all. And I can save this money for something else, like posting our real invitations.

Anyhoo, as you can see our date is on the 12th of October, which is the second month of Spring here in the southern hemisphere. Not only is the weather just perfect {except for the rainshowers} - and it not being too hot or too cold - it is also the most beautiful month in my opinion. All the flowers are in bloom, lawns are green once again, birds are happy and chirping etc. Further, the month of October also holds sentimental value to me, as it was the same month my parents got married in 1978, with their date only five days prior to mine.

Why did you choose your wedding date? Did it hold any significance to you?

PS: Linking up with Joelle at Something Charming.


Odette J said...

I love the ombre effect of your Save the Dates. It's so sweet of you to have your own wedding the same month as your parents. Double celebrations!

The Pink Growl said...

So cute - love them!

According to Jax said...

These are adorable!!! I'm posting my save the dates next week...be sure to stop by and see them!!

Charlene Smith said...

Love the design. It is so pretty!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Those save the dates are absolutely adorable! I love the ombre hearts, and I think spring weddings are just lovely. What a perfect way to set the tone for your wedding! xoxo

Sue said...

Love your 'save the date', so pretty! And it's so great to have a date that you know you're working towards!! Lovely to have it in spring so well planned!

My wedding was on 10 March 2001. I wanted a summer wedding, which didn't really work for us all that well in the end. My husband was a wine maker and it was the middle of harvest. He couldn't get time off and we didn't go on honeymoon until June! The weather was great though and the flowers gorgeous. It all works out perfectly in the end, no matter what. My dad is also a leukemia survivor and had his transplant done on 11 March 1998. It was obviously an awful time for us as a family, so when we (read: I) were chosing a date, it was quite nice to be able to put a happy memory in the place of a not so nice one. All went up the pole in the long run, but anyway, at the time it worked for us.

Can't wait to see your official invites, not to mention, flowers, cake, food, tables and dress! Am off to google your venue right now!


Sue said...

Oh it's beautiful!! Love the dance floor with the fairy lights and love that wedding pics are up on their site and I can go snoop after your wedding!!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

It is beeeeeeeeeewrival!!!


CharlieW said...


Betsy Transatlantically said...

SO pretty! I love that it's all hearts but it's not too girly :)

Linnea Castro said...

Your save-the-date is beautiful! We picked our wedding date at random... it was the first date the courthouse had available... we eloped!

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