Nothing like a Joburg storm

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Right now, there is a grumbling outside the window, an angry storm brewing again, like the many spectacular thunderstorms we have had the last week or two - something the highveld is known for and which we all count down the days for at the end of August, beginning of September.

And just as much as us Northerners enjoy a good thunder storm, there is just something about a sunset in Johannesburg that captures the imagination - I am always in awe of all the colours and the atmosphere - and then one day someone said that it was from all the pollution. I was sort of shattered.

The same thing happened when I read the other day that dogs do that leg-thumping movement, because scratching them causes the same irritation {might have been better if they said sensation} as when fleas bite them. But, always a but, because they know it's you scratching them, they don't need to scratch the 'flea' {it's just imprinted in them}. And this shattered me. I am no flea damnit!

As I was saying, the sunsets are just afreakingmazing, and after a storm it is just all the better.

Last week we had a striking thunder and rainstorm and all the social networks went aflurry with the aftermath. This week alone I have been ripped from slumber by the thunderclap about three times!

And Joburg shouldn't be allowed to keep this absolute beauty of sunsets, mixed with thunderstorms, to themselves, so I gathered all the photos of clouds I could find on Facebook and Instagram {unfortunately, I didn't write the sources down when I gathered them} and I'm sharing them today. Enjoy what some people like to call #cloudporn.

Oh, this one below is actually mine - I was in the gym during the storm and when I walked out DOUBLE RAINBOWS!


The Pink Growl said...

WOW so pretty!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Wow, these pics are amazing x

Hayley said...

Nothing like a Jozi storm....

Jillian said...

I get really excited when I see rainbows. They are so rare - at least, where I am.

Johlet said...

Woohoo the last pic is mine! :)

Katie Broderick said...

Those photos are amazing, pretty and a couple scary!! Such talented people out there :)


Mrs FF said...

Stunning!!!! Though I must tell you the capital city does get it's fair share of gorgeous skies too :)

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