Owning a border collie {named Mila!}

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hi, I'm Kirsty from Just Another Story  and this is my Border Collie side kick Mila.....

Buying a border collie is like buying a crocodile, there are a crazy amount of "rules and regulations" and every book I read about them came with a WARNING, this of course did not stop me, once I have set my eyes on something, it's done. Signed, sealed, delivered.. I was getting a border collie.

I named this precious creature Mila, also known as Meilie, Mee-losh-la, Me, Milapants and Meilie pap.(The name Meeloshla was made up when i went through a phase of putting dishcloths on her head at picnics.... pronounced with a russian accent of course)

My Mila knows how to sit, stay, lie down, spin in a circle, give paw, play dead, "speak" on command, give kisses, smile, but she does not know what any of this means when out in public, nevermind her own name, and if you are playing soccer in the park when Mila happens to be on a walk you will instantly gain a new player and I will have instantly lost a dog and a leash. I once lost her to a family over a ball and a good kick...

Mila plays basketball and is a BIG fan of anything that is or resembles a stick... skinny legs included. This is a border collie thing, they have OCD and need to do all things a particular way, their way. When Mila does something wrong is is almost impossible to shout at her, its all about her strategy.. she slowly slinks in a zig zag across the floor to my feet, "climbs" up my leg and puts on her best smile, in photos this may look like a growl, but it really is the sweetest thing I have even seen a dog do.

Border collies are like clingy woman, they need attention constantly. Once I was watching a movie on the couch with my boyfriend and there was a table right up against the couch which meant she was blocked from us completely, this frustrated her to the point of barking, eventually she walked off and that was that. About 2 minutes later a flying dog landed right on my head and rolled into my lap...she had done a run up from behind the couch just to get some cuddles! She might very well be the clumsiest creature in the world, second to me of course, this is not a border collie thing at all, this is a MIla thing.

She also has a habit of farting (is that even a blog friendly word?) when she jumps off a high surface, this results in a squeaking noise coming from you know where, for a dog that poops behind a big tree to avoid being seen, this is VERY embarrassing and her face says it all, every time!

I have never loved anything more than I love this beautiful dog. Anyone who has lived with her has given her a special place in their heart, never to be forgotten. While border collies may be categorised as sheep dogs, my Mila is in a category of her own, she is my constant running comedy series and I couldn't ask for a better best friend!


Britt said...

She is gorgeous and sounds like quite the character!

the famous nemo said...

super cute, glad i found this post

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