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Friday, February 8, 2013

Yesterday, I read a story on about a Rottweiler that grabbed a teaspoon from her owner’s hand and swallowed it whole. While Google recommended it be flushed out by peroxide, bread and marshmallows, she took the dog to the vet – they found the spoon and a small rubber ball.

People started commenting on the story about the funny things their dogs had swallowed – a dishtowel, charcoal, shaver blades, and a potted plant – along with the pot. I also searched other weird and wonderful things that dogs have chewed and swallowed:

According to this website X-rays have shown that man’s best friend also has a liking for rocks, rubber duckies, an engagement ring and a 15-inch serrated knife! {Check the link for other items that were found! Shocking!}

This made me think of my own pup Mila and the strange things this dog likes to consume. The first – and most popular one – is a coke bottle. Mila has developed a whole routine on how to come by and eat the coke bottle – the remnants of which can be seen a day or two later {think red and brown}.

Firstly, she will bump the coke bottle with her nose – if it doesn’t fall over, or takes a little time to fall over, she knows that there is still coke in it, and will leave the bottle alone. If the bottle is out of her reach though, she will sit and whimper for hours, or at least until the bottle is empty and we give it to her. When she realises that the bottle is empty, after bumping it, the biggest noise known to man ensues.

With raucous flair, this dog of mine will chew the bottle top off – I always try and leave a little bit of coke in the bottle so that she has something sweet as a ‘reward’. When this ritual is done, she and Jethro will start playing tug of war with the bottle, or throw it – yes, it is thrown – down the hallway, which has wooden floors. This usually happens after dinner, when Flip and I are trying to watch a bit of television. Loudest noise ever!

She also has knack for eating juice boxes, my clothes – underwear, jeans, shoes, my freaking NUMBERPLATE!, and well, basically anything that you leave in her reach. Luckily, this has not extended to furniture – but that’s her holy grail, so I don’t think she would even try.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Staffies cannot swim? I always thought it was just Mila, but recently read on a breeder’s site that Staffies in fact have to be taught how to swim. Unlike other dogs, it is the only breed that cannot swim naturally and sinks when you put them in a swimming pool. Even when taught how to swim, they can only do this for short distances before they start to sink again. Crazy isn’t it?

What are some of the weird, wacky and wonderful things your dog/s have chewed or swallowed?


Care said...

haha! love it all!

MaviDeniz said...

That was a pretty funny story. My dog has a thing for poop, cat poop in particular lol.


Charlene Smith said...

I simply loved this post. I adore all dogs and found all the little facts interesting. And of purse I loved the story of your little doggies :) so sweet!

Kirsty Rox Wilde said...

my Mila ate a pin once, only she didnt get to swallow it, it got stuck in the roof of her mouth, I was crying it looked so sore, I sat for hours trying to gently remove it only for her to swallow it and vomit it out after a minute... luckily for me that was the only thing she has ever tried to eat or destroy, she likes sticks so all of my clothing stays in tact :D

Erica said...

Oh my gosh! Dogs are just crazy! My pup once swallowed an entire plush toy. Why is completely beyond me??!! Luckily he threw it up. It was so gross.

helen said...

hahahah, love this. i can't believe your mila loves coke bottles

Marsa said...

your dog is sooo cute!
and my dog hated to swim too. whenever we went to the beach he hated it haha

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Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh my goodness! this had me rolling with laughter...i can totally get visuals the whole way through and um, yup i can relate too! we had dogs growing up and all the crazy antics they'd get up to including what they'd consume would leave my stomach turned in knots ;) baha! oi, a coke bottle for gosh sakes, i mean how's that work?!

i had no idea about the swimming thing though, that's so wild! awe, well with a big smile like that i think she's fairing pretty well even without deep dips. love the pics Megan!!

oh and your save the dates are fantastic, super exciting!! happy week wishes. ♥

Mrs FF said...

Hmmm, this is so funny and for the life of me why would you dog like to eat coke bottles. My Roti puppies try to catch water from the sprinkler (it's so hilarious) and at one time they liked eating the brick on the fence. The boerboel ate anything and everything from shoes to pipes to clothes as a puppy :) :)

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