Fantastic Fox Hill!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Think of the most romantic thing you have ever witnessed. Got it? Well let me paint you a picture, a picture of a fantasy setting.

Fox Hill is one of the most romantic, most beautiful, oh-my-goodness-is-this-heaven? places you might probably see in your life. For reals. I felt like I was somewhere in Europe when we first stayed there last year sometime. I failed to post about it the first time, as I, in the haste to pack everything, forgot my camera at home.

Unfortunately, I could not get the interior of Foxhill on film, because we were just passing through Dullstroom, this time, but it is an exquisite mix of antiques and modernisms. Imagine Downton Abbey with electricity. I found some pics on the internet and had to share it!

When we arrived at this quaint little place, when we stayed over, we were welcomed by soft lighting, background music and a sherry to warm us up. I did mention that this town gets quite cold. Flip’s brother and his wife got the privilege of staying in the sweet Fox’s Meadow cottage, which had a large Victorian bath, a fireplace, a bookcase filled with classic Victorian books, candles, a four poster bed, the works.
Flip and I stayed in a smaller room, called Fox’s Lair, that had everything sans the fireplace. It was paradise!

The next pics were taken by me.


On a sidenote. This weekend was my dad's birthday and Mother's Day. We got my dad a bottle of Gentleman's Jack whiskey and semi-forced him to taste hippo biltong.  For my mom we bought a lovely orchid. Oh I love orchids, don't you?

 On graduation day.

Happy Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Melissa said...

It looks lovely there!

catharine said...

That places looks lovely! A proper escape.

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

This place looks great! I think you're my first commenter from South Africa- I really want to visit there one day so I look forward to learning more about your country through your blog.

Jenna said...

This place looks absolutely lovely... and Jurg and I both LOVE Dullstroom. Around how much is it per night? If it's not too crazy maybe I'll take him there for a weekend as a graduation present :)


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