Hot air balloons, temper flares and broken arms

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This weekend, I did a whole lotta nothing, but I am spent.

Well, the whole lotta nothings werer mostly during the day, where I mostly lounged around the house reading a book called Weddings Seadon. But to give a true recap, I'm going to have to break it down. Not in chronilogical order. For a change, the weather was quite nice, balmy. We are always thankful for that.

Up in the Air
On Saturday, we joined Flip's family at Montecasino to celebrate a birthday. They planned to hitch a ride in a hot air balloo, but the wind picked up thankfully, which meant that it was grounded. Halleluja, amen. (I'm afraid of heights, don't you know?)

1/entrance to the casino
2/a pretty little tower. I could imagine Rapunzel throwing her hair out of one those windows.
3/the dreaded balloon
4/the Teatro
5/Flip's family

Oh, the pain!
Sometime during the long-weekend, I ran in the house with wet slippers after walking on wet grass ealry in the morning. (My pups won't piddle if I don't walk with them onto the grass.) Anyway, after running, I fell. Hard.
There was even a massive WHOBBUP sound as I made friends with the tiles in the kitchen. Now, I'm sort of a tough girl, but this had me bawling like a small child. I am now boasting a bruise the size of Alaska on my hip, and I think I also might have fractured my arm, because I'm in permanent pain, but too scared to go the doctor. I don't want to wear a cast.
Friends of mine reckon that I might just have gout, from nonstop partying. (Yes, I consider partying as doing a whole lotta nothing. Right now, everything revolves around the house, and when I do something for the house, I feel like I have done something. Geddit?)

Keep it quiet
We were chased out of a restaurant on Thursday, my friends and I. For making too much noise. Being who I am, and braved by two tequilas, I told the manager what he could do with his silly demand that we lower our noise levels.

Eventually we had to leave the restaurant. I was not happy.

Hurr day
I thought I would throw this one in, just for kicks. Today, at work, a girl complimented me on my hair and asked me how I get it so volimnous?

Truth is, I throw my head upside down and blow the living ions out of it, maybe I'll brush it. In between, I am struggling with Mila, who bites verociously at the hairdryer, because she thinks it's eating my head. I should actually take a video of it, she's very funny.

Another little truth, I would much rather have poker straight, thin and managable hair than sit with this dos I have!


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