Sleeping with dogs

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When we first got Mila at five weeks old, she was so tiny that she practically slept all day long. She had her weave basket, with its lovely white and light blue nautical feel, she had her grey fluffy teddy as comfort.

It worked, I thought on that very first day. I have successfully trained my little pup to sleep on her own on her first day.

With Flip chiding that dogs are not allowed on the bed or couch (oh please, as if that ever lasted) I was a little wary, but took my chances anyway and on that very first night with Mila I excused myself and Mila to the bedroom, so I can read a book (and she can sleep, cuddled next to me, on the bed.)

Fast forward a few months later, a few events in between, an extra pup and we have quite a funny sleeping ritual. Since it is already quite cold here in good old Johannesburg, I usually cuddle up on the couch when I get home, with a great old blanket.

 In this time, while waiting for Flip to arrive home and after calming the pups from initial “mommy is home” excitement, they both pass out. Jethro normally sneaks under the blankets and I only realise this with a jerk as he presses his freezing cold nose against my body. Mila will either make herself comfy at my feet or on top of me. This is what I like to call their mid-evening nap.

Mila was still quite small here. This is mid-evening nap.

Then Flip gets home. This triggers a flurry of playtime and immense excitement, which carries on for maybe two hours.

Flip has often sighed in disbelief, asking where they find the energy to play like that almost all the time. I believe it’s that mid-evening nap. And by play, I mean Mila and Jethro biting each other, rolling around, jumping on Flip and myself, running like a demon is chasing them and making strange bird-like calls.

The off chance they actually sleep in their own bed.

Eventually, it’s time for bed. Not their time. Flip and my time. We have debated numerous times on where the pups should sleep. He thinks it should be in their bed. I think so too, but eventually I think it should be our bed. Mila normally stays in their bed, but early morning, about 4 o clock, she decides that its time to creep in with mommy. Jethro has probably irritated us enough a few hours before, and is probably already under the covers.

But Mila doesn’t just jump on to the bed. No. Madame starts making these whiney noises so I can wake up, then she puts her front paws on the bed, meaning that I should pick her up. I often wake up in sleep mode and find Mila either nestled between Flip and I, or sleeping in the nape of my neck, with her head in the cavity between my head and
shoulder. She just loves it there, it’s her spot. I let her. I love it too.

Mila's favourite position, sleeping on your neck.

Sleeping with dogs is both therapeutic and tiring at the same time.

Do you allow your dogs to sleep on your bed with you?


Jes said...

This is so cute. I love that one of her on her back.
We let Sharks sleep in our california king bed with us. But seriously, Chris and I probably really only sleep on a twin bed and Sharks sleeps on a queen. He is a 10 pound yorkie but is the BIGGEST bed hog EVER. We find him everywhere. By our heads. In between us. On top of us. It's crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Lindsay said...

We sleep with two miniature dachshunds and two cats in a queen bed. I love cuddling up with our dogs!

thecoffeehouse said...

oh goodness they are too cute! sherman does not sleep with us. he has the couch, a bed in the living room, a bed in the office and a bed in our bedroom. I feel like he's ok?

Alyx said...

Awwww!!! I mean, what else is there to say?
Those pups are adorable.
We don't have any dogs (yet), but we let our cat sleep with us until he starts walking all over our faces or pressing buttons on our alarm clock.

Katie said...

our dog will stay in our bed the first 10 minutes or so and then either lay on her bed next to us or goes in our guest room and lays on that one. I'm kind of glad she likes her space when we sleep because so do I! cute pictures! : )

Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

Cutest puppy! Absolutely love these picture!

withbigyellowdogs said...

My girls sleep on their own doggy bed at the foot of our bed. Naturally, they jump up onto the bed if we dare snooze the alarm in the mornings. They're quite big, and not even fully grown yet, so Hubs and I would NEVER have a good night's sleep (if they had to sleep on the bed with us) cause they lie on top of us when they're on the bed!
Your little ones are so adorable :-)

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