Out of the box Mother's Day Prezzies

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother’s day gifts always seem to be so generic and every booklet I have received with a magazine has told me the same thing over and over.

This has taught me what not to buy my Mom for Mother’s Day, and that a present from the heart, which is a bit more unique, will mean a lot more.

Here’s a list of things you should not buy your mom for this special day:

- bath goodies. Just don’t. If you really love her, don’t.

- incredibly ugly and stupid stuff she will never use. For example, pink office stationery. Seriously?  A pink calculator?

- hair products and make up. No! She buys those things for herself every month.

- I love mom apron or pajamas. We’re not in the 1950’s honeys.

I came up with a number of things I know my mom really likes and will try and plan May 13 accordingly. Use it as pointers for what you could buy the most important woman in your life!

If there is a wine estate close by, take her out for a picnic or lunch. Then buy her two bottles to commemorate the special day. Sharing a bottle of wine with my mom is always such a calming and nice experience.

For Gautengers, who don't live in the Cape, have a backyard picnic, or try one of these places.

 Write your mother a love letter, telling her how much you appreciate and love her. Think of when you were still a little girl or boy and what you would have written for her when you were young. Add a silly twist to it and buy her a handful of Lotto tickets. Who knows, you might just make her a millionaire.

 I know that one of my mom's favourite past times is gardening. Buying her a few gardening tools or perhaps a subscription to one of her favourite magazine will definetly pluck at her heart strings. Think about the thing your mother loves the most, perhaps baking, and buy her a subscription to a baking magazine.

 Instead of buying your mom a boquet of flowers, or a bunch of roses, why not plant a rosebush or her favourite flower in her garden. Not only will the flowers last much longer, but everytime it blooms, she will think of you. Flowers makes anyone happy, no?

What are some of your out of the box ideas for Mother's Day?

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