Karoo Lifestyle Centre

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ladies, the other day I treated myself to a quiet moment at The Karoo Lifestyle Centre in Pretoria.
It's a place where you go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

It's quite big, so put on some comfortable walking shoes, and make sure they are dust-proof, because this little gem reminds of you a Karoo farm in more than one way. Besides the chickens clucking around your feet, and the rooster making himself known every now and again, there is also red clay earth, that will make your feet stain brown, and then a very big, very grey Great Dane that will welcome you with a smile. 

Pity, I didn't see the Great Dane when I was there, but I found a pic on their site.

Karoo Lifestyle Centre is the perfect place to look for little quirky adds for your house, or find that peculiar birthday present for Mom or best friend.

It hosts a number of little shops, Silverwood Antiques, a pottery place, a framer (with the most beautiful frames at a steal of a price), a nursery and a rustic little restaurant that reminds one of a farmer's kitchen. 

Take a look at what I found there. For some reason, my camera didn't have the memory card in and I cannot get the photos of via the cable. Luckily I had my cellphone ready, however, its battery was low. So a few of the pics are mine, and a few are Karoo's.

Top three picture Karoo Lifestyle

Next time, I am taking my best friend's and my Mommy with me!


Hayley said...

Oh wow...never heard of it...must try it out!

Cinnamon Spring said...

That looks like a great place I'd love to spend my afternoon at! Don't know if UK has something like this...


Aspiring Kennedy said...

Can I please have the cupcake sign? That might be my new life mantra haha.

Jenna said...

This place looks like a little gem! I'll have to visit one day :)


angie said...

that place looks so lovely...i could spend all day there!

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Looks like a really cute spot!

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