Skin Problems

Monday, May 21, 2012

We have all had them right? You wake up one morning, and oh no! There, on your chin, nose, forehead, cheek is a big red booboo. Or maybe you are struggling with blackheads, I know I have a few.

Everybody is looking for that miracle compound, that cream that will make every little thing disappear.

My holy grail was Dermalogica.

 I have been talking about getting it non-stop, so much so that Flip booked me a facial with a spa that uses Dermalogica exclusively. It was my valentine's present. They even did the face mapping and everything and determined that I have a very sensitive skin. I could have told them that.

 Let's just say that by the afternoon, the facial had left me more than just a little red faced. And being the impulsive shopper I am, I bought the essentials in the sensitive range.

Yes I know, a facial lets all the impurities come out, but is it supposed to make your skin feel like a pirate's heel?

It has been three months now, I have used Dermalogica every day, and my skin has really never felt this dry, I have never had pimples like I am experiencing now. I am breaking out on my cheeks, which has never happened before. And the worst of all is that these are unsightly, sore pimples. I only tried the range because I thought that it would better my skin, make it more radiant, remove the spots and hydrate it. It turns out I was wrong, or the product simply doesn't accord with my skin?

Maybe I should go back to the product I have used all my life, the MUCH cheaper Neutrogena.

What is your holy grail in skincare products?


Melissa said...

my skin sucks.
for the past few months i switched to glytone (the acne one) and i use tea tree oil at night after washing.
my skin is dry, but clear and moisturizer makes everything more hydrated. my skin has been GREAT lately.
hope it gets better! :)

Alyx said...

Man, that sucks!
I use Avon's solutions line, and it is seriously the BEST thing to ever happen to my skin. I started breaking out like crazy a few months ago, and nothing was working. I ordered avon's line because a friend was an avon rep and it was pretty affordable. My skin has completely cleared up (although I still get the monthly hormonal breakout), and the moisturizer works wonders.
Best investment ever, and so affordable.

Jenna said...

I don't really use any facial products (I know, I know), but I LOVE Dermologica's skin smoothing cream, it is AMAZING! It's just unfortunate that it's so dang expensive. I also use clinic's facial soap bar to wash my face.

So weird that the range hasn't worked for you, if that's the case then it definitely isn't worth the money!


Melissa said...

Oooohhh... I'll have to check this out. I have super sensitive skin and I'm breaking out again right now.

I used to use Clinique three step system but instead of their lotion, I used Cetaphil.

Natty said...

I LOVE the Body Shop Vitamen E intense moisture cream for very dry skin. Winter in Joburg can wreak havoc on your skin, but I've been using this for about a month and I can feel that my skin is much more supple:)

amirul said...

If I read your post earlier, I might not suffer serious acne like now. I was recommended by Dermalogica's staff to use the set for dry skin. But after 3 weeks using that shit, I got so many acnes on my chin. Worst ever.

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