Fathers Day it is then...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Not all relationships are perfect, I can't say that my relationship with my dad has not been rocky. But, it's something that I had to work at, I am after all part him. I have grown in and through my relationship with my dad the last year, and I am happy that we can spend times like today together.

Happy Father's Day Pa, hope you had a good time with us today.

There was a motorshow in a local mall today, so we went there to check out some of the cars. We share a passion for pretty things, like cars. Especially old ones. And then we saw it, a 1967 Shelby GT500, or Eleanor, as she is better known in 'Gone in 60 Seconds.' Oh, my sanity for a car like that!

After drooling over a couple of other beautiful metal-monsters, we headed out to Gillooly's farm, where we spent the afternoon in the sun, between children, dogs, geese and a big mass of water. I didn't take the camera with today though. I didn't want to ruin it with technicalities.

Taken March, 2011


Jenna said...

Happy Father's Day to your Dad! - and believe me, no father-daughter relationship is perfect, but I'm glad you guys have been able to start to work things out - me and my dad are doing the same!


Gentri said...

I love going to car shows! :) happy fathers day to your dad!

christine donee said...

Happy Father's Day! Love that photo.

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