Travel Tuesday: An Australian living in the UK

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I will not start today's post with negativity. I will not tell you that at this very sweet moment, I am freezing and I would rather like a nice chicken soup or a summer for that matter, than a cold office and a seed loaf health sandwhich. 

Instead I will tell you about a beautiful blonde girl that likes to go places. Meet Sophie Learmont from The Littlest Things.

Hey everyone,
I am Sophie from The Littlest Things.
I am so excited to be here guest posting about my travelling adventures for the lovely Megan!
Since I am from Sydney and I currently live in the UK, travel is something I do quite often. And I couldn't be more in love with it. Living in the UK makes it so easy to pop over to another country for a quick little weekend trip. It's amazing.
But the most amazing trip I have done was a major backpacking trip with my boyfriend, George. We set off for a five week adventure in July 2009 and traveled to Spain, Italy and Greece.

Here are photos of all the places and cities we visited:

 Plaza Mayor; stunning square in the middle of Madrid.

Charming little streets around Valencia leading into this beautiful square. There was also an amazing fountain just to the right as well.

ahh beautiful Barcelona. I miss it so much. This is another lovely sunset over the marina.

Two Ferrari's just chilling on the street, standard for Milan.

These stunningly charming little markets were on every corner in Florence, but this one was the best we saw.

Amazing view from the top of the Spanish Steps. View of St Peter's Basilica.

Eating a refreshing peach and checking out the view after climbing Lykavittos Hill.

Sunbaking around the pool at a friends house in a charming, little village in North Greece.

(two photos because I couldn't decide between them) The most gorgeous place ever. Literally like walking around a postcard. We couldn't have finished the trip off to a more relaxing and amazing place.

These are just some of the memories of our trip, memories I'll never forget.


So go check out the life and adventures of Sophie!
Am I allowed to say that I am extremely jealous? 


Jenna said...

So exciting that you have Sophie guest posting :)

Love these pics, they make me want to hop on a plane right now and fly to europe!


Ashlee said...

Why, why, why, is travel so expensive in the States? Your photos are so lovely and they make me wild with jealosy that those in England enjoy such cheap airfare. Thank you for the "virtual vacation" though!

Sophie said...

thanks so much for featuring me Meg :) sorry it was late. x

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