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Thursday, June 9, 2011

We don't drink pink drinks!

Well, luckily I'm not a guy, and neither are my friends. So we were allowed to drink some yummylicious pink drinks at my friend Tracy's Jambalaya and Jam Jar party this weekend.

And luckily Louis Gosset Jr wasn't around to hand me a Windhoek Light. I would have fought him for the pink drink. Even if he is 6 m tall! I might have told him to put the Windhoek next to my g&t, that stood patiently waiting for me to finish my pink drink. I might have drank the light beer. I might have.

How to make this deliciously delicious pink drink:

You will need:
2 shots of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold (light rum)
A squeeze of lime
Half a shot of grenadine or pomegranate cordial
Top off with equal parts granadilla and orange juice

Mix and drink! And enjoy! We did.

I'm watching you Dave. Keep it real.


Tracy Hancock said...

Can't wait for another cocktail party at your place Megs... your turn next. ;) That drink was dam tasty. I think if Louis Gosset Jnr had a taste he might, just might put the Windhoek to one side. Beware... this drink is dangerously deceptive and will get you super drunk as you drink it like cooldrink. tee hee

Michelle Xo said...

Sounds like my kind of drink! Although with a clutz like me, those jam jars spell DANGER.

jillian m. said...

This drink looks and sounds delicious. I love that you ladies drank them out of jars!

Young People in Love said...

cute! i wanna drink something that's pink!

Young People in Love said...

cute! i wanna drink something that's pink!

dulci said...


Sabrina T. said...

great pics lady!!nice nice blog:)
have a nice day!!

Patchwork à Porter

Ashley Slater said...

that drink looks delicious, however I CANNOT drink rum. i think I might try it with some vodka or something....!

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