Travel Tuesday: Bokkie ek wil jou he

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It was a chilly night. Even in the little town of Warmbaths. As the name suggests, it is fairly warmer, three degrees (yes, we counted them as the kilometres passed) than Johannesburg. The days were warmer yes, but the evenings were still freezing. And in this freezing night, a little baby was born.

We decided to visit Flip's brother and his wife on their farm this weekend. We had to escape the gnawing cold, which would lick us to the bone, and the this weekend was the perfect getaway. Flip's brother is a farmer, and professional hunter, but he also has a herd of goats. And this little girl's life began.

 Unfortunately, she is a twin and her mommy chose not to feed her. Now, she has to be hand reared and has to be fed a few times a day. She even sleeps like a new born baby. This photo was taken right after Flip and his brother took her away from the kraal. She wasn't very happy with me, she kept bleating. It kind of sounds like a real baby too. But as soon as Flip held her, she was calm. She slept in his arms for almost an hour. And then she got her own crate with warm water bottles.

Exploring the world, one wonky step at a time

I took the pictures with my cellphone camera and she couldn't resist inspecting it. This is the shot I got. She also kept on nudging my inner thigh with her nose, she was looking for her momma's teet, but no such luck with me. So I just stuck my finger in her mouth. She sucked it with all her might, but still no milk came. And then she gave up eventually. 

She had some crazy sharp gnashers though. Only the bottom row. But they still have a sharp edge to them and as she sucked on my fingers, I also got a mini exfoliation. hahaha

After all this work, she was pooped. Bleating like a baby with a messy diaper, I put her in her crate. Nap time.

Isn't this just the sweetest thing? 


Tracy Hancock said...

Aah! Shampies man. She looks so cute. hmmm. Makes my heart sad that her mamma didn't want her.

Lana said...

Ah toooo cute for words!!!

Kate said...

awww, that is just too cute.

Courtney B said...

Ooooh SO cute!! I just love baby goats!

Once upon a Time said...

Too cute! So precious.

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