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Monday, June 20, 2011

It's not secret that I have a massive girl crush on Blake Lively. I want to be her. Sans the fame, fortune and the ugly, fat old boyfriend. I never really understood the appeal of Leo di Caprio - he is really ordinary looking. Give me Penn Badgley or Nathaniel-what’s-his-face any day.

But back to Blake. Can you blame me? She’s gorgeous and she has wicked style. We are the same length, did you know? Nowhere near the same build, although I am on my way there, I strive to have a rocking bod like hers. Maybe a nose job will also work…

But what I love the most about this girl, is not her killer looks, fabulous closet and designers crawling at her feet. It’s her hair.

I love her hair. It’s long and lustrous and I just want to bury my face in it. If this is scaring you, don’t worry; I’m scaring myself a little. I don’t care much for the colour, or the volume – that’s something I struggle with a lot of times – it’s the length.

I can never seem to grow my hair longer than past my collarbone. And the most frustrating thing is, even though it is past my collarbone, it still looks short. And yes, I have tried hair growth pills (once) after shaving my head. Not really an option ever again.

I would try extensions any day, but they are bloody expensive and they look bloody cheap, think Britney Spears. Well, that’s my opinion on it anyway. I would love to have hair that hangs just below my boobs, but instead of growing down, my hair grows sideways. I said I had a problem with volume. I would love to have enough hair to bury my face in, or for Flip to bury his in.

Do you have any tricks to make hair grow longer? What’s the most frustrating thing about your hair? Give me some tips please!

Love the Greek style she's got going here


Sam said...

I love her hair. Only Blake can pull off messy bed head hair looking like a supermodel.

Kate said...

I am so frustrated with my hair too. It doesn't ever seem to grow! I used to add in some clip in hair extensions but grew tired of having to spend so much time on my hair so I just cut it (hoping that would help). I have heard that taking pre-natal vitamins make your hair grow like crazy? Im on the verge of trying that!


Being Brazen said...

Try taking Salmon oil tablets - it helped me have healthier hair (make sure pack says at least 1000mg a tablet)

Regular trims also help.

Im always trying to grow my hair - So I have tried alot and the above seems to help me the most :)

Raquel said...

Omg i freaking love her too! Shes drop dead gorgeous and has amazing style. She seems nice too :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

She does have amazing hair to go with her amazing looks! I love her color & the volume she gets. I wish I could have that volume.

xo katie elizabeth

Taryn said...

*Sigh* this woman has everything - gorgeous hair, stunning wardrobe, great figure ;) always make sure you use top quality hair products too - and yes, regular trims are the key!


Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

last summer I had hair that falls into the category of "the ugly stage" not quite long and not quite short-- I couldn't figure out what to do with it, but i found out that braiding it back every day (in different arrangements) got it out of my face and off my mind, by the end of the summer I went in to get a trim and my hair had gotten long! My biggest hair issue is I feel like I can never get enough volume and I don't know what to do with my bangs! Good luck with your hair, and I agree--- Blake's is gorgeous!

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