You and me both, kid

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The title of this post really has little to do with what I am about to write about.
It's a lyric, which has been stuck in my head all day long. It's Failsafe by The New Pornographers. I really like this indie rock band consisting of AC Newman and a group of ridiculously talented people. 

Before I lose the plot of the story completely, I wanted to share the lovely day we spent with my beau Flip and our friends for his birthday. It was a mild day, not too cold and definitely not warm enough. The wind was tugging mellowly at our clothes and hair. It was a good day, spent with good friends.

The location was a very unlikely one. An airport. A quaint little airport, with a quaint little restaurant. It was a real treat to watch vintage biplanes, small propellers and the odd helicopter or two taking off and landing a few hours later. Yes, we nearly spent our whole Sunday at this little airport.


Haley K said...

looks like you had a great time! How awesome to enjoy good food with good friends and watch vintage planes soar above you! Happy Birthday to Flip!! :) You guys are so cute together :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

um, this post gives just the right amount of tongue ; )

baha! you guys are having a blast hey? looks like tremendous times were had by all. happy b-day Flip!!!! my boyf would have loved this day, he dreams of getting his pilot wings one day, so it's a killer location. fab pics too, you girls are lovely!

and omg, i'm drinking a "pink" drink right now. cranberry cooler, so yum but yours above looks quite delish and those pics are rad amounts of fun too! happy almost weekend lades, may it be as big a blast continuing in your swell life! ♥

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